City National Bank NCAA Tournament Commercial for CBS Station Group

Live from the Bench is an integrated commercial buy from City National Bank to extend their relationship with the NCAA tournament. The commercials touts the biggest games being played on CBS. They air on CBS Stations from Coast to coast, from New York to LA and in between. CBS Sports insider, Jon Rothstein shares what makes the games interesting and implores viewers to tune into the games on their local CBS stations.

Tunnel to Towers PSAs (Rudy Giuliani)

We produced 8 Public Service Announcements featuring Rudy Giuliani, to promote up coming Tunnel to Towers runs all over the United States. It’s an amazing organization that is raising money to build smart homes for wounded veterans.

Tunnel to Towers was founded to honor firefighter Stephen Siller and the other 342 New York City Fire Fighters who perished on 9/. On September 11, 2001 Siller was off-duty but raced through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel with 80 pounds of his turnout gear strapped to his back to get to the World Trade Center site and help his fellow firefighters.

The Tunnel to Towers runs started in New York and retraced his footsteps. There are now runs all over the world that raise money in their honor.

Focus on Respect PSA (Citizenship Through Sports Alliance)

Custom Song PSA (Citizenship Through Sports Alliance) T-LINE TV commissioned famous sports rapper, Jesse James, to record a custom song for the Citizenship Through Sports Alliance initial Public Service Announcement.

T-LINE TV helped write the song for the CTSA Custom Song PSA that highlighted the CTSA’s initiative in getting athletes and fans to focus on respect. The PSA utilizes athletes from the member organizations- professionals, collegiate, Olympic and high school athletes, exhibiting respect and sportsmanship on the field of play cut to the inspirational lyrics performed by Jesse James.

Aurora Award
Aegies Award
Axiem Award

General Powell PSA (Citizenship Through Sports Alliance)

The General Colin Powell PSA was produced to persuade every coach, educator, parent, and athlete to take advantage of the tremendous potential of sports to help build character in our country’s youth.

Aurora Award
Aegies Award
Axiem Award

Golf Week

T-LINE TV produced a direct response commercial to help bolster subscriptions for a national television ad campaign. The initial airing of the commercial was on the Golf Network. The subscription of the magazine has dramatically increased with the airing of the commercial.


OZ-ercise is a new interactive exercise video for kids. T-LINE TV produced a one-minute and a two-minute direct response commercial. Cherylann Silich, former American Gladiators Champion, was featured in the video Adventure in Oz with Cheryl.

The commercial set featured rare collectible OZ memorabilia and Cheryl OZ-ercising with 4 three to six year old children.

Communicator Award
Axiem Award

Don Knotts Play

National Touring Musicals needed a promotional tape to entice theaters nationally to house Don Knotts’ play, Norman Is That You?.

The success of the promotional video necessitated the production of the commercial that was customized for each city. The commercial ran simultaneously with the production of the play. T-LINE TV INC. produced a radio spot to round out the advertising campaign for the play.

Aurora Award

Crossing Over with John Edward

During the pivotal sweeps period, Crossing Over with John Edward produced a week’s worth of shows with the cast from the soap opera The Guiding Light.

The promos were critical in attracting the maximum amount of viewers during the critical sweeps period. The promo’s goal was to hook the hard core fans of the show and also to attract the soap opera audience to tune into the show. The promos aired nationally in support of these sweeps specials.

Soccer United Relief Fund PSA

We donated our writing, producing, and production talents to create a Public Service Announcement for Major League Soccer’s (MLS) effort to raise money to help the heroes and victims of the 9/11 tragedies.

The Soccer United Relief Fund was created by MLS to help out the affected families in one of the most trying times in American history. We worked with the voice of major league soccer, Jack Edward, to create a 30 second PSA that aired nationally on ESPN and ABC sports.

Communicator Award
Telly Award

New York’s New Way to Vote

The New York Board of Elections in accordance with the Help America Vote Act, has unveiled a new voting system using a paper ballot in 2010. Our task was to both inform the New York voters that there was a new voting system and to also demonstrate how easy the new voting system is to use.

To maximize effectiveness we translated the PSA into 4 languages. The Public Service Announcement aired on WCBS, WNBC, Fox 5, WABC, WWOR, WPIX, Cable Vision and Time Warner Cable Systems leading up to Election Day.

We matched the graphic to mirror the printed materials being used in buses, subways and newspaper adds. The PSA was also be streamed on www.votethenewwayny.com.

New Yorkers can vote in three easy steps: get your paper ballot, mark your choices on a paper ballot, and then insert their marked ballot into a scanner.

The scanner will then tabulate the votes after the polls close on Election Day. The new poll site voting system provides a verifiable paper record and allows all voters, including voters with disabilities, to vote privately and independently at their poll site.